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eBrain : the Global Supervision concept by Supratec

eBrain is connectivity at all levels! As a digital ecosystem of our physical facilities, it provides digital continuity to our eFactory® production automation technologies. It is based on a proprietary operating system installed on all our technologies and named eOS ; a Human-Machine Interface, eLauncher and a Supratec application library to ensure optimal user experience on your devices from the first use. Each client can install the applications of his choice from the Supratec eStore.

Connectivity, Digitization and Supervision of the production line - Operating system / eOS

eOS opens the machine to the world! Installed at the heart of all technologies, the operating system connects eFactory® technologies to your daily tools, collects data and optimizes production. It is designed to optimize the role of operators and make their experience both intuitive and responsive.

Performance and optimisation. As the backbone of your performance improvement, the eOS operating system unifies data from your ERP, MES and manufacturing line and draws on these resources to continuously improve your production.
Designed by our Industrial IT teams to offer the widest possible compatibility with the various softwares on the market, it is the digital brick that supplies data to the supervision system of your production

  • Real time production monitoring
  • Recording of cycle times by workstation and operator
  • ERP connection
  • Traceability of production data
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HMI / eLauncher

Easily deploy any application (including your third-party applications) from the eLauncher platform. Your software solutions, production equipment and operators are interfaced in a fully connected digital environment.

eLauncher speeds up the deployment of your applications. This application launch platform centralizes all Supratec applications in an interface that combines simplicity and ergonomics.
With Supratec eApp applications accessible from the eStore cloud service, control the performance of your technologies, manage your user rights with eUser, share your inter-service notes with eNote, control the safety of your workstations with eControl, prepare your control panels with eReport.

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Technology as a Service.

Our TaaS® business model accelerates the deployment of our technologies by offering an innovative approach to industrial equipment investments

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