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Assembly / Screwing / Tightening

100% automated and robotised screwing or tightening technology / eScrew

Automated tightening or screwing head mounted on a multi-axis robot. eScrew technology performs your most complex tightening or screwing operations. In vertical, horizontal or inclined position, eScrew provides accuracy, repeatability and quality in sometimes restricted environments.

Automate a screwing and tightening process on complex parts

eScrew automates screwing and tightening operations to optimize the assembly phases of complex sub-assemblies

The objective of automating these operations is to improve production performance with several identified optimization points, including :

  • Precision of the screwing height of the components (+/- 0.2 mm)
  • Repeatability of cycles
  • Management of run changes
  • Traceability of operations with data archiving and editing of a control report

Simplify the management of your process. Manage the performance of your eFactory® technology

Installed at the heart of eScrew technology, the eScrew Box industrial system and its dedicated eScrew Soft software intelligence control the automated screwing/tightening process and optimize its implementation (axis movement, speed variation, production supervision, run change).

From the eScrew App application, you drive your screwing/tightening technology. Screwing cycles, operation traceability, performance indicators and control report management are easily accessible in the application. In an ergonomic graphical user interface, eScrew App allows operators to manually manage screwing/tightening parameters.

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eScrew : Screwing and tightening head

Accuracy of screwing Repeatability of cycles Management of run changes Operation traceability Measurement of torque

eLauncher - HMI eOs - Operating System eScrew App - Application Clamping head / screwing head Compliance eScrew Box - Industrial System

Automate your Screwing / Tightening process with eScrew

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Technology as a Service.

Our TaaS® business model accelerates the deployment of our technologies by offering an innovative approach to industrial equipment investments

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