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Aeronautics Preparation / Finishing / Dispensing

Safran Aerosystems automates a parts preparation process before assembly


Safran Aerosystems is developing its assembly process and is seeking Supratec’s expertise in dispensing to support them in the automatic marking of an injected plastic part. To prepare the production, the black part requires the application of a red ink line as a visual indicator that the assembly complies.


The eDisp automated adaptive dispensing technology, an expertise tested and deployed by many partner customers for more than 10 years, is at the heart of our proposal. Its integration into a mobile machine, complemented by the development of specific tools to support the different sizes of components, are the main “building blocks” of the Supratec solution.
In automatic mode, the part performs three 120° rotation sequences, receives a plasma pre-treatment to guarantee the adherence of the marking, and finally applies the ink line.

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Dispensing of a complex, highly compressible material

eDisp automates the dispensing of complex, viscous or particle-loaded materials (e. g. concrete for buildings or polysulphide joints for aeronautical sub-assemblies) by providing accuracy, repeatability, flexibility, monitoring and quality control of dispensing.

Benefits at a glance

  • Automated high precision deposition
  • Short cycle time
  • Repeatability of cord removal
  • Precise positioning of parts
  • Pooling for all component references

Integrated eFactory® technologies

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Technology as a Service.

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